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    Detailed Course on Intraday and Positional Options Selling systems with proper strike price selection, hedging, adjustments & risk management.

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    Comprehensive online course covering 22 different modules and 154 lessons.

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About the Course

Exclusive Course on Options Selling. We will be covering every detail you need to know for confidently selling options with appropriate risk management.

  • Learn how to build Intraday & Positional systems

  • Learn to choose appropriate Strike Price for the Strategies

  • Learn to Hedge & Adjust the strategies the right way.

  • Strong Conceptual Base to kickstart your Options Selling journey.

  • Prior Knowledge of IV, Greeks, VIX, Skew, Technical Analysis not required. Basics of Options is covered in the course.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction & Preparation || அறிமுகம்

    • Introduction || அறிமுகம்

    • Preparation Required

    • What are Options? Options என்றால் என்ன?

    • CALL Option - Explained

    • PUT Option - Explained

    • The 4 Basic Strategies with CALL and PUT

    • Margin for Options

    • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value

    • ITM, ATM and OTM - Moneyness of an Option

    • The Most Important Characteristic of an Option

    • Option Chain

    • Payoff Diagrams

    • Options Buying vs Selling

  • 2

    Designing an Intraday Options Selling System

    • The 7 Key Steps in an Intraday Options Selling System

    • The Strategy - Why are we using this particular strategy?

    • The Hedge

    • Strike Price Selection & Logic

    • Stop Loss - How far should we set it? Explained with Logic and backtesting results.

    • Entering the Trade

    • How are we going to manage risk from the time of entry till exit?

    • Adjustments - What is the concept and logic behind adjusting trades? Explained from scratch.

    • Adjustments - Different Scenarios & Practical Examples

    • Exit Scenarios & Follow Up

    • Intraday Options Selling - Example

  • 3

    Designing a Positional Options Selling System

    • The Strategy - Why we choose this particular strategy for positional options selling?

    • Entry and Strike Price Selection

    • Hedging Positional Trades - Concept & Logic || Choosing the right hedges is vital

    • Stop Loss, Adjustments & Trailing Stop Loss || Different Scenarios & Examples

    • Exit & Follow Up

    • Positional Trading Strategy - An Example

  • 4

    Intraday Short Straddles & Strangles || Strategies

    • Short Straddle Strategy 1

    • Short Straddle Strategy 2 || Introduction to handling volatile scenarios

    • Short Strangle Strategy 3

    • Short Straddle Strategy 4 || For handling volatile scenarios & to reduce drawdown

    • How to set Stop Loss for Short Straddle?

Course Curated & Designed By

Founder, Finvezto.com

Anand Ganapathy

Anand Ganapathy is a Full-Time trader with 11+ years of experience Investing & Trading in a wide variety of Instruments and Markets. He is a Post Graduate from IIM-Ahmedabad and an NSE Certified Market Professional. He hails from Chennai, TamilNadu.