Our Mission & Trading Philosophy

Finvezto focuses on making high-impact, advanced financial education accessible to every Trader. 

Retail traders compete with the likes of Professional traders, Hedge funds & Large investors on a daily basis. Amateur Retail Traders lack risk management proficiency, chart reading skills, and are usually under-prepared. It is not surprising that almost 93% of retail traders lose money. 

Once Amateur traders start losing money, they start searching for fancy systems and indicators which can give them consistent profits. Please understand that there is no indicator that works across all market conditions. 

Indicators are lagging and are derived from price and time. They are just a different representation of price and it is not new information. Hence, you will always be late to catch the trade or you will enter at the wrong levels. 

Let us reveal what works in the stock market. 

Price Action + Volume Analysis = Trading Success.

At Finvezto, we teach how to read plain charts using just Price and Volume. We do not rely on any fancy Indicators. 

Price and Volume are both leading indicators and give us first-hand live market information on how institutional money or big money comes in and goes out of the market. You will be able to analyze the markets using live information as and when the market generates it.

Follow the big money and you will be on the right side of the trades. Price Action and Volume Analysis will give you clues on how big money comes in and goes out secretly.


Founder, Finvezto.com

Anand Ganapathy

Anand Ganapathy is a Full-Time trader with 10+ years of experience Investing & Trading in a wide variety of Instruments and Markets. He is a Post Graduate from IIM-Ahmedabad and an NSE Certified Market Professional. He hails from Chennai, TamilNadu.